Why Human Hands?

Human Hands furniture is not mass-produced or made anonymously in a factory somewhere. Each piece is designed and constructed by me in East Nashville, Tennessee.

I offer clients my understanding of wood, my experience in studying furniture styles and my insight as a maker. I enjoy collaborating with each client to develop a design that fits his or her personality, aesthetic and living space.

Wood selection. I select each board for its beauty and stability, and I never use wood harvested from the rain forest. Rather, I find infinite inspiration in the spectrum of responsibly-harvested, domestic lumber available locally. Cherry, walnut, quartersawn oak and dogwood are favorites. For special projects, I have a source for truly rare lumber of stellar quality.

Joinery. I build furniture using traditional joinery methods such as mortise-and-tenon and dovetails for several reasons. First, they have been proven to work over time. Exposed joinery, when appropriate to the piece, is beautiful in itself. Finally, cutting joints by hand sets handmade furniture apart from factory-produced furniture.

Finish. I most frequently apply traditional, “in the wood” finishes such as linseed oil and tung oil that preserve the natural color and texture of the wood. However, I always want to use whatever finish is appropriate to the utility and look of the piece. For example, I have used dyes and stains to achieve certain color effects when requested. If there is a type of finish that I am not equipped to apply (such as sprayed lacquer), I will make arrangements to have it done by an expert.

My design approach is to let the wood’s intrinsic beauty speak for itself. Knots, cracks and even worm holes are more often emphasized than hidden, in appreciation for the unique characteristics of the wood and its history. Even the signature—a tracing of my hand—serves as a reminder that it is, in all ways, the work of human hands.