Who’s Mitch?

A furniture-maker for over 15 years, I work in the Shaker and Arts & Crafts traditions, with an appreciation for Mid-Century Modern thrown in. I love the play between the traditional and the modern. Whether I’m interpreting a traditional piece or creating something entirely unique, my passion is always to make something beautiful and useful and lasting.

A native Tennessean, I lived in New York City for 11 years, where I honed my skills with hand tools out of necessity: living in a two-room apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan afforded no space for power tools (Central Park benches substituted nicely for a workbench when noisy hammering had to be done). I now live in East Nashville, Tennessee.

I see a striking similarity between furniture and poetry. In 2000, I earned a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing from Vermont College. My work has been published in Poetry, Willow Springs and other journals. In 2005 I won the “Discovery”/The Nation poetry prize. As a furniture maker, I bring the same consideration of form and function to the design of tables and chairs that I do as a poet to sonnets and villanelles.